What I've Learned

Regardless of our carefully thought out plans and regardless of our willingness to do whatever it takes, sometimes life takes a turn. Not necessarily for the worse and not necessarily for the best, it just takes a turn. We are challenged in ways we never knew existed. We question what we've being doing and how we've been doing it. I think we allow these moments to bring us down to a dark place. They make us think we're headed in the wrong direction, doing the wrong thing and failing. What we miss is the actual lesson. If life didn't take unexpected turns, our true strength would remain hidden, our true potential would remain behind curtain number two and new opportunities would never present themselves. Turns are challenging and they are unexpected and sometimes we have to fight hard to get back to ground zero, but they keep us on our toes. Sometimes they suck, sometimes they are emotional and sometimes they have the amazing ability to stop us in our tracks. We need to remember that they're just turns. Not dead ends. Let's try to enjoy the ride even if it's moving fast, a little scary and we're not quite sure where the road is taking us. Turns are better than a straight, paved road. Where do those take you? To the same place where everyone else is. Don't you want to endure the turns so you end up at your own destination and not someone else's? Buckle up. 

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