Why can't I go to daycare?

Just hear me out parents and non parents (enjoy this precious quiet time millennials- your time will come).... We are super fortunate to have a lovely lady (who we call kitty kat, which is totally inappropriate on so many levels) who watches Maximus. I knew once we got pregnant that I wanted someone to watch M the first year so I could be with him whenever and still run my business. We also knew that after a year we wanted to enroll him in preschool (which let's be honest is a learning daycare)... I mean, I'm a child of the 80s and we went to daycare.  I'm pretty sure my mom dropped us off around 7am and picked us up at 6pm. I remember cheese and crackers, coloring and PB&J sandwiches. It was lovely. I pushed a girl off, not down, a slide one time and waged war against the daycare bully. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I clearly remember making everyone on the playground pick which "castle" they wanted to pledge their allegiance to and my full castle looked across the cedar chipped play yard at a castle of three kids... Winner. I also learned how to cross the monkey bars and remember a field trip to a legit farm. We ate tomatoes off the vine and I thought that was magical. Well let me tell you people.... Daycare is now preschool and it sounds like a vacation. One small tour around our local Disney World and I'm questioning why we all can't attend daycare (let's just call a spade a spade). For $260 a week (the price of an hour and a half massage with a tip) you can color, take an hour nap, learn Spanish, play outside, hang out with your friends all day, have a quinoa taco bowl for lunch, a yogurt Popsicle for an afternoon snack, have someone read you a story and God knows what else. Where have we gone wrong? Why does this lovely life option stop at the age of 5? Shit, I'd pay to experience this for one day, let alone five. Seriously?!? This is one of my first blog posts for OAK and could be my last. I'm seriously considering opening an adult preschool/daycare. 

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  • Oh, my Ginny, I want to live by you. I told George today as we were hauling my painted windows to a show for Friday & Saturday that if I lived by Ginny, I could just put this stuff in her store and not have to do these shows! I’m too old for this work…I just want to paint windows! Love you, janice

    Janice Ling (aunt) on

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