Nashville Necessities Gift Set

Our Nashville Necessities gift set is a medley of items that speak to the magic of the South and Music City.  From Goo Goos to Moon Pies, you can't go wrong with this collection of goods. This is a collection of our favorite items used/consumed by our team. We love them, so we're confident you will as well!   

Your gifts can be packaged in a kraft bag with tissue paper, a wooden crate, a vintage basket or a custom wrapped gift box.

OAK curates one-of-a-kind gifts that tell your story, extend a heartfelt thank you or a simple hello. We find that working one on one with our clients and customers allows us to create gifts that people remember. We know that your employees, guests, clients or customers allow you to do what you do and you want them to know that. You hire us to make that happen.  Please contact us at for additional information on creating a custom gift for your specific event or client.   

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