We chose the word ‘nest’ to hold our focus in October. We're welcoming fall fully into our lives and defining what that means to us as individuals, and how we can use that to be intentional with our business.

I believe we can learn a lot from each season, and fall offers us a season to nest before winter is on our doorstep. As we settle into fall, we’re getting our homes ready to be comfortable, to become a place to retreat to and welcome those we love. We’re preparing for holidays, and what that means for us and our guests.

Moodier colored pillows and throw blankets.

Candles lit.

Lamps cut on at night.

Music playing, something baking.

We enjoy richer foods, a few more cocktails and layers of clothing.

Our homes welcome us back day in and day out. They’re warmer, more settled and ready to allow us to fully rest. October is my favorite month. Brisk mornings, fires, hikes, the smell of fallen leaves, layers of clothing, baking, crocheting, camping and sleeping a little harder. It’s the calm before the storm. My storm being fourth quarter and the holidays, but this year, my fall is different.

I’m asking myself questions for the first time ever to prepare for this season.

What do I need?

What does my family need?

What do I want to experience this fall? Are there new things I’d like to try?

I’m also planning rest. Dinner with friends and time to myself. As we prepare ourselves for fall, I hope your homes reflect how you feel and how you want to feel. We’re entering two seasons back to back meant for us to retreat and to rest. I hope your home provides that. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is extremely important for it to be yours and offer you what you need. Our seasons of life all look different and so do our homes. Makes yours what it needs to be for you, the people who live there and the ones you’ll welcome through your doors. 

"The plants and the earth are resting. Maybe we should too. The long days will be here soon enough." - Rebecca Raiden

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