I have been working on this tiny house for over a year. It honestly shouldn't have taken that long, but true to my old self, I overcommitted. The new Ginny today would have made different decisions, but the old gal over a year ago made a different one. 

I designed this 820 square foot gem for our family and my sister's family. It was a joint venture that we weren't planning on selling, but since we broke ground, things have changed in both of our lives and the decision to sell was unanimous (minus my sister who would move in tomorrow if she wasn't married and didn't have children). I've designed well over 80+ spaces over the last ten years, but this was the first project I had full control over.  From the architectural design to the layout to the actual design, I made every decision. From the furnishings to the color of the toaster, my fingerprint is on every square inch of this space. 

This was the project of my dreams because it has my signature all over it. This is my style (minus some changes that needed to be made during construction).  Is it perfect?  No.  Do I wish I would have put my foot down on a few things I didn't want to change?  100%  Am I proud of how it turned out despite that it's not perfect and didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it to?  ALL DAY LONG.

This project was a beautiful and pricey therapy session for me.  The project started out super personal because we were keeping it. I had moments of old school Ginny (not a flattering version of me by any means) during the construction phase where I had to compromise my original design and selections, which sent a ripple effect through a project and my blood pressure through the roof.  But when I closed the door the day we finished the install, I loved every inch of her. Both the house and myself. I was proud of what I created and there wasn't this OAK "veil" over it. It was just me and what I wanted. I wasn't trying to impress anyone. I wasn't trying to stay on brand. I was just being true to who I am and what I love and I walked away with a clear vision of what's in store for OAK moving forward later this fall and I literally could not be more excited. 

Man, the last ten years have taught me A LOT and this project brought the last ten years together so beautifully. I hope as I continue to share what's next, it helps someone not make the mistakes I made and also learn some things of what I've done right. I've been fighting this path for a long time for a lot of reasons, but it found it's way back to me.  

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  • Paint Colors: Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams (trim) + Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams (main house)

  • Deck Stain: Minwax | Semi Transparent | Special Walnut 

  • Exterior Lights

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  • Interior Floor

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  • Horse Head Hooks: Vintage | Found 

  • Runner: Vintage | Found

  • Pillow: Custom Made