The Season of Giving Journal #1: The Giving Of Ourselves

The Season of Giving Journal #1: The Giving Of Ourselves


As we enter the holiday season, I’m spending time and intention on how I’m giving myself to others, thoughtful giving to those I love and how I’m giving to those in need. In this journal, I want to start with the giving of ourselves, because our mental and emotional health this holiday season is extremely important. 

The holidays clearly look different for all of us. For me, I know when I’m overcommitted and stressed, I become short tempered, I don’t sleep well and all those things fall of my family first. Entering this season with more space than I’ve had in the past, I’m being extremely thoughtful in what I need in order to give fully to those I love and care about and also give to myself. I’m also being intentional about setting boundaries. If there’s something I feel will add unneeded stress, it’s just not going to make the cut. 

Intentional questions I’m asking myself… who is this for? Am I adding value to our lives through this commitment/experience or am I trying to accommodate someone else’s feelings? What are my expectations walking into this day, family event, holiday party, etc.? Am I rested, in a good head space and able to give myself to others today? If not, we need to cancel what’s planned. Let’s be honest, it’s not going to end well for anyone. November and December are lovely, magical and joyful, but can also be overwhelming, stressful and emotionally draining. How do I reduce that side of the season? 

Here’s praying that your mental and emotional state this holiday season is balanced, healthy and what YOU need. I believe being aware of where we’re at and what we need is a gift that we can continue to give to ourselves and allows us to understand our actual needs and not just filling our empty spaces with plans. If we allow empty space to exist, it allows the unexpected magic of the season to naturally happen. 

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