The Season of Giving Journal #2: Giving To Others

The Season of Giving Journal #2: Giving To Others

I’m writing this as we’re all in the thick of buying presents and preparing for holiday parties and wrapping up our kid’s school year and typing all of that out gives me some anxiety if I’m being honest.

I haven’t exchanged gifts with others for many years. We stopped exchanging gifts with my family after my mom lost her job and my parents went into retirement. We don’t really exchange gifts with James’s family because everyone has what they need and/or want. The kids are the real focus on both sides these days and as they get older, technology, shoes and money are the big asks year after year.

James and I just started exchanging gifts last year. That’s a long story for another time, but it’s been fun to get back into being thoughtful and intentional around giving someone you love something they’d love. It sends a message of ‘I see you. I saw this and thought of you.’ I see the things that bring you joy and happiness and I want to be able to give those things to you. Although I’ve been MIA in the gift giving department, the interesting thing is, giving is my biggest love language. There is literally nothing better in life than giving to someone else. I find immense joy in giving to those in need or helping bring a small joyful moment to a friend struggling or helping a complete stranger.

What I also love is preparing gifts for you to give. This is not a sales tactic. I’m being completely genuine here. I love curating gifts for those YOU care about. I love the detail of packing and wrapping. The quality of the products, the presentation, the greenery… I love it all. I feel like the presentation says ‘you’re special and I chose this just for you’.

Regardless of where you shop, how you shop or what you buy, I hope it’s all done with intention versus the pull of society to give. Giving is suppose to be joyful, not stressful. If you’re not in a season of giving (and have many of those), never underestimate a handwritten note or letter with your heart left in ink on the pages. James writes me a letter every year and it’s absolutely my favorite gift of all. He puts it all out there and I feel more loved and seen than any gift could portray.

Regardless of how or what you give and regardless of the time of year you’re giving, I pray that it comes from the heart and is full of intention and don’t forget that giving is the gift. 

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