We're Back and What's Next

We're Back and What's Next

Whelp, my summer "off" rolled into August, because that's life. To some, it may have seemed like I didn't take any time off with everything going on, but I was able to step back and reevaluate where I'm at and what's in store for me personally and for us as a company.  I was also able to take a handful of trips with my family and James and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage.  I was also able to sleep in (when Maximus wasn't up at the crack of dawn), read good books, knock out a massive personal to-do list that I feel like I've been carrying around for close to a year and have some much-needed down time to rest.  
If you're curious as to what's going on and why, all the details are below.  It's easier for me to break this into sections (it's how my brain works) and if you're not here for ALL the details, then you can skip to what's most important to you.... 
What's next?  Well, OAK is moving out of Charlotte (more info to come on that soon).  Not sure where we're going yet, but what I am sure of is that we will be focusing on developing our candle line and design projects (spots open starting in October) through the end of this year.  As of now, we will not have any shows, but will continue to offer our amazing finds online.  We may have a pop up in the fourth quarter, but it'll be intimate and not the big shows you're used to, but if it happens, it will be amazing.  
Why?  Why no big shows through the end of the year?  Because I need a break.  This business has been running me for ten years and things need to continue to change.  A massive change came when we closed Charlotte and started having monthly open houses.  I was able to accomplish so much during that time (rebranding the company, the candle line, building out our website and making space for my life).  What I realized in doing that for eight months is that I needed even more space, hence the summer off.  Why am I giving so much of my time and focus on candles?  Because we make an amazing candle and I believe in what we've created.  It deserves the same energy I've given OAK and I plan to give it that energy through the end of the year. 
Things I've Learned.... I've learned over the last few months that I put way too much of my self-worth into my company.  I really felt the sacrifices I've made for my business the last ten years in only three months of focusing on myself and my family.  I learned that I only have so much time.  I'm only my age once.  Maximus only lives in our home for 18 years (and seven of those have passed) and my marriage deserves to be invested in daily.  If I'm going to trade my time for anything, it's going to be for my family, myself or a ton of money.  I've followed my passion and it has had absolutely nothing to do with money and it has been extremely fulfilling, but it has also been extremely hard.  Hustling at 30 looks and feels a lot different than hustling at 42.  I learned that I put so much pride into what I built.  This summer was the first time I put my pride to the side and really looked deep inside myself and discovered to only what I really want, but what I really need.  I want to be free from stress, obligations, expectations and anxiety.  In order to do that, I need to address what sparks those feelings and eliminate the beliefs behind them.
How I'm Feeling.... excited and nervous, but mostly grateful to have this time to reevaluate, pivot and set my sights on what's next.  I am also grateful for the people behind me... my incredible friends, my supportive husband, my crazy, but amazing child, every person who shops online, every person that shows up for us time and time again and everyone reading this far.  All of our extremely loyal customers have given me every opportunity to do what I've done for the last ten years and I believe they'll follow us into the next ten. 
Cheers to what's next, 
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You my dear are amazing and I wish you only joy in your upcoming ventures.

Christie Jenkins

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