our story

At OAK Nashville, we believe the spaces you inhabit every day should be as 
unique as you are. We curate and create one-of-a-kind items that help you 
reimagine your space and redefine how you live in it.

A majority of our products are locally sourced, handmade or found objects. 
We love our neighborhood, our city and our state and want to show off all of 
the amazing creativity found here. The remainder of our products are hand 
selected from talented artisans and craftsman around the country.

OAK Nashville was an idea I had years earlier, but wasn’t crazy enough to take 
the leap and leave my padded salary with 401k and benefits. That was, until 
one day I had enough and spiraled into having a quarter life crisis (although my 
husband reminds me that I was way past the quarter part of my life). I started
the company building and refinishing furniture in my workshop (aka garage). 
That was three years ago, with less gray hair and a funny idea that I was going 
to live a balanced life while running a full-fledged business.  Hilarious.