our story

At OAK Nashville, we believe the spaces you inhabit every day should be as unique as you are. We curate and create one-of-a-kind items that help you reimagine your space and redefine how you live in it.

Being a Nashville native, I am proud to be part of our city's growth and development.  OAK was an idea I had 10+ years ago, but wasn’t crazy enough to take the leap and leave my padded salary with 401k and benefits. That was, until one day I had enough and spiraled into having a quarter life crisis (although my husband reminds me that I was way past the quarter part of my life). I originally started the company building and refinishing furniture in my workshop (aka garage). That was four years ago, with less gray hair and a funny idea that I was going to live a balanced life while running a full-fledged business.  Hilarious.  We now have a store front, make home goods that we sell to other retailers and design beautiful spaces. I am beyond thankful and blessed to be where we are today.   

On a personal note... I married my best friend.  Seriously.  I don't know what I did to deserve the marriage I have, but I must have done something right.  I am the PROUD momma to Maximus.  He's two, bossy and the happiest human being I've ever known.  I love rap music, could be a professional drummer in another life and have dance moves most 37 year-olds only dream of (in my glory years I taught competitive hip hop- true story- my first business).  

I am surrounded by a village of family that love me unconditionally and only talk about me behind my back, friends that would take a bullet (maybe only a punch in the face) for me and a team of incredible women that help me run and grow this business on a daily basis.  

Thank you for supporting our business and my dream.  

High fives and booty bounces, 

Ginny | Boss Lady